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Academic Work

A variety of intellectual achievements that I've made in the last two years in the midst of the frustrations that have informed the majority of my blog posts

My Comprehensive Examination for Women's & Gender Studies

90 pages of stress-induced frustration that left me thinking "wow, did I write that? it's really good" when I reviewed it one final time before submission; I received an A with honors on this which I did not know existed as a grading option and I think is pretty cool

My Comprehensive Examination for International Relations & Global Affairs

The annotated bibliography portion of this comprehensive exam; the other half was a timed essay that I will probably never see again

My Final Paper for my International Relations & Global Affairs Seminar

A critical book review of a very cool book

My original discovery plan narrative for the Eastman Program

Just a disclaimer: this has changed tremendously since when I wrote it in late 2020

A selection from my writing portfolio 

This is my "making sense of experience" essay

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